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Today’s technology enables access to video cameras for virtually anyone, whether enthusiast, amateur, beginner or professional. The global camera market is now a $20 billion industry and the range of cameras – both still photo and video – incorporates some of the world’s most remarkable technology and innovation. Cameras can be used personally for capturing family, friends, special occasions and memories or professionally as a business tool (creating source material) or as a business, in-and-of-itself.

Use cameras in your organisation to document your work flow. Snap photos of your workspace as you work on a project. Use the photographs to identify problems in your organisation and make changes to improve your organisation’s skills and efficiency. You can also use cameras in your organisation to document milestones. These photos can be used to promote your organisation or as a motivational tool within the organisation.

Cameras are also the best way to capture notable events of interest to you and your clients. Taking photos of these notable events and posting them to your organisation’s Facebook page, blog, email newsletter, website or other social media outlet will increase your brand power and status as an expert in your field. Likewise, your organisation can save money in presentations by using a camera to obtain original imagery for presentations, rather than paying for stock footage.

Cameras can be used in your organisation to document your workspace for insurance purposes. These photographs could prove invaluable if a fire, flood or other disruption occurs at your office or workplace.

They can also enhance your client meetings. Having a camera at the ready will help you to capture the client’s desires, digitally, right then and there. Captured source material can elevate your organisation’s multimedia presentations (including websites, social media, advertising) or can be used in-house to enhance intranet posts, publications or presentations.

Videos are an effective tool to raise brand awareness amongst your organisation’s clients and participants and within the community, more broadly. Charitable organisations, sporting clubs, volunteer groups and schools can easily raise their community awareness by producing their own photo or video material.

Tasman AV sells and supplies a extensive range of amateur and prosumer photo and video cameras from the world’s leading brands, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Fuji and BlackMagic.

If you or your organisation is considering investment in a new stills or video Camera, Tasman AV can provide you with up-to-date product advice, competitive quotations, sales and professional service and support. We invite you to contact Tasman AV to discuss your Camera requirements and answer any queries you may have.

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