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Need to provide the ‘bigger picture’? Projectors can cast images and video onto any smooth surface or a dedicated Projection Screen. Projectors are the preferred method of broadcasting a presentation to a large viewing audience on a single occasion or to simply project an image of sufficient size for your organisation’s communication needs where a traditional screen may not be adequate. Today’s technology enables Projectors to cast a vast array of images, including photos, Powerpoint presentations, videos, conference call feeds and internet streams – anything viewable on a computer screen can now be Projected for exhibition to a much larger audience.

Projectors have wide-ranging application across multiple sectors. Projectors are increasingly popular in boardrooms, meeting rooms, gyms and large halls. A Projector might be purchased instead of a large-screen TV if the environment is large. Corporates, Schools and Government departments utilise projectors to convey messages to large audiences. Some have even given up printing bulletins and now conduct their entire service or meeting with presentations projected at their premises.

With almost one hundred different types of Projectors on the market today, Tasman AV can assist you and provide advice to ensure you are investing in the best Projector, most suitable for your needs and that of your organisation. Tasman AV supplies only industry-trusted brands like Hitachi, Epson and NEC. We can also provide motorisation functionality to your Projector installation to provide a permanent and professional presentation system for all your organisation’s presentation needs.

If you or your organisation is considering investment in a Projector or a Projector installation (with or without a Projection screen), Tasman AV can provide you with up-to-date product advice, competitive quotations, sales and professional service and support. We invite you to contact Tasman AV to discuss your Projector requirements and answer any queries you may have.

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