On-Site Servicing

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Tasman AV Service: On-Site Servicing

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On-Site Servicing

We understand that, if something goes wrong with your audio-visual installation, you need it fixed properly, first-time and without delay. Our team of experienced and professional technicians are always ready to assist you and your organisation with any technical or equipment difficulties that may arise. Tasman AV provides uncompromised on-site service and support for the life of your audio-visual installation. We ensure your audio-visual equipment is always providing your organisation with the performance you expect and demand and that any issues are resolved quickly, expertly and professionally.

Tasman AV employs its own, certified technical team. We do not use sub-contractors. Our commitment to in-house personnel guarantess your hardware and equipment are always repaired and maintained by the same people who installed your audio-visual equipment, in the first place.

Other Services

Get in Touch

2/345 Plummer St. Port Melbourne
Phone: 03 9416 2255
Web: www.tasmanav.com.au
Email: info@tasmanav.com.au
Weekdays: 8.30am to 5pm
Comprehensive Ongoing Support, Service & Training

Design & Consultation

Tailored audio-visual solutions to meet your organisation's growing communication, presentation and training demands.

Personalised Training

We provide full, personal training to you and your staff to ensue you are getting the most reward from your audio-visual products.

On-Site Servicing

Our certified and experienced technicians are always on-hand to assist you if any repairs or maintenance is required.

Service Agreements

Individualised Service & Protection Agreements available for all installations to keep your investment operating perfectly.

Tasman AV - Professional Audio / Visual Solutions