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Greater Shepparton Secondary College

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Greater Shepparton Phase 4 Basket Ball Arena Installation Completed!!!! As part of a 5 Phase roll out we have just completed the dual court basket ball arena. Our solution consists of four key areas and technologies: Visual display – Laser light source 4k – Epson and Custom Projector Cages, eliminating any chance of damage or realignment and massive 300 Inch Screen Technics projector screen; Video distribution - AV over IP - WyreStorm; Audio system – Biamp, MC² & One Systems; and Control system – Customisable control - RTI. The benefit with this system lies at the physical nature of the loudspeakers. Firstly, with our extensive modelling, using EASE speaker data, we have been able to recreate the GSSC Gymnasium space virtually. Our calculations have led us to specify two, triple 12” coaxial vertical array loudspeakers, located at either side of the projections screens. Then two, 12” two-way vertical array loudspeakers as the delays. These could also be zoned independently, as can the front two speakers. The One System speakers have been physically built to withstand both environmental and physical demands, and as such will not require any form of protection. AV over IP and Dante working together to provide a near perfect outcome!!!!!

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