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Tasman AV sells, supplies, integrates and services an extensive range of audio-visual products across the country. We pride ourselves on always stocking and using the best products from world-leading, recognized brands that exemplify the latest technologies and innovations. At Tasman AV, you can purchase individual products or as part of an integrated audio-visual solution for your organization.

Our vast range of audio-visual products include Interactive Display Panels, Commercial-Grade Panels, Projectors and Projector Screens, Video Conferencing technology, Touch Screen Controls, Portable PA Systems, an extensive range of Audio Products and LED Screens. For more information on each of these product categories, scroll down and/or click through for further details. Whatever audio-visual products you or your organisation require, Tasman AV can supply the latest technology to you quickly and at a competitive price. We stock only quality, professional grade audio-visual products.

If you or your organisation is considering investing in new audio-visual products or would like more information about integrating state-of-the-art technology into your next audio-visual solution, Tasman AV can provide you with up-to-date product advice, competitive quotations, sales and professional service and support. We invite you to contact Tasman AV to discuss your audio-visual product requirements and answer any queries you may have.

Tasman AV offers a comprehensive range of audio-visual products

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Our Range of Products

Tasman AV is proud to sell and supply world-leading audio-visual brands, including Hitachi, Epson, LG, Philips, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Sennheiser, Chiayo, NEC, Commbox and many more.

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The quintessential importance for any organisation is its ability to communicate to its clients, its staff, its participants, its students, its benefactors, its consumers or whomever the organisation’s service and outcomes are focused upon. In an ever-increasing visually-communicative world, Interactive Display Panels play a crucial role in communicating an organisation’s message. Offering a brighter and 4 k resolution image presentations are clearly conveyed.

Tasman AV specialises in supplying and integrating smart interactive 4K displays and 4K commercial grade panels to ensure your audio-visual presentation is always of the highest quality in both image and sound. We sell and supply world-leading Interactive Display Panel brands, like Hitachi and Commbox, and can provide full installation and training for all our products. As part of our service, we can also arrange an on-site demonstration for you (Metro Melbourne area only). Interactive Display Panels come in a variety of sizes from 60 to 103 inches.

Need to provide the ‘bigger picture’? Projectors can cast images and video onto any smooth surface or a dedicated Projection Screen. Projectors are the preferred method of broadcasting a presentation to a large viewing audience on a single occasion or to simply project an image of sufficient size for your organisation’s communication needs where a traditional screen may not be adequate. Today’s technology enables Projectors to cast a vast array of images, including photos, Powerpoint presentations, videos, conference call feeds and internet streams – anything viewable on a computer screen can now be Projected for exhibition to a much larger audience.

With almost one hundred different types of Projectors on the market today, Tasman AV can assist you and provide advice to ensure you are investing in the best Projector, most suitable for your needs and that of your organisation. Tasman AV supplies only industry-trusted brands like Hitachi, Epson and NEC. We can also provide motorisation functionality to your Projector installation to provide a permanent and professional presentation system for all your organisation’s presentation needs.

In conjunction with a Projector, a Projection Screen can exhibit and communicate your presentation or your organisation’s message on a large scale. Projection Screens are perfect for education auditoriums, sporting facilities, large boardrooms and conference facilities, halls, galleries, ballrooms, foyers and other open spaces where information needs to be shared.

Tasman AV is Australia’s preferred supplier and integrator of Projection Screen with a large range of sizes and functionality to suit you or your organisation’s needs perfectly. We use only commercial-grade quality products from leading brands to ensure your Projection Screen provides you with the best-quality projection at all times and operates perfectly first time and every time.

Video Conferencing plays a crucial role in the day-to-day running of many corporations, education establishments and government departments. Video Conferencing equipment can bring together colleagues from afar to a central hub to share ideas, discuss projects and interact visually and aurally to maximize time and minimize cost. Video conferencing allows you to hold meetings with multiple participants who are located in different places, while seeing them and talking to them in real-time. It is different from simple video calling, which is normally one-to-one video communication.

Tasman AV understands the demands of implementing an effective Video Conferencing solution. Our products embody the latest technology to ensure your Video Conferencing is fast, reliable and clear. We can integrate Video Conferencing technology with your existing infrastructure to maximize the return on your Video Conferencing investment and to ensure that the equipment delivers the service and functionality that you and your organisation demand.

In our modern-technology-world of today, it is essential that the operation of installed technology can be utilised by as many people as possible – and not just the domain of the “tech person”. Touch Screen Controls are designed with a user interface that, essentially, mimics technology with which most of us are familiar, like our smart phone and tablets. By employing an intuitive interface, Touch Screen Controls can easily manipulate the latest technological installation at your premises.

Tasman AV supply and install a variety of Touch Screen Controls, corresponding to the technology installed at your organisation. We provide professional, face-to-face training for all workers, so that the operating of the Touch Screen Controls is simple, clear and rewarding for all participants.

Portable PA Systems are becoming increasingly popular to address groups of people at gatherings and meetings to ensure your message is communicated clearly and effectively. A Portable PA System can be a simple microphone and speaker or a larger setup to address a greater audience. With Portable PA Systems there is no restriction on how or where it can be used. This makes it ideal for community centres, schools, businesses and event managers in an endless range of locations. Their portability means you have the ability to provide top quality sound, anywhere and at any time.

Portable PA Systems are particularly effective at public meetings and lectures, at school assemblies, sports carnivals and sporting clubs, trade shows and public presentations. Public PA Systems can also be used for emergency and crowd control or evacuation instructions and drills.

Tasman AV sells and supplies a vast range of Audio Products, both professional grade and consumer grade. Our range includes headphones, speakers, recorders, microphones (standard, wireless, lapel, shotgun, video mics) and a large range of audio accessories (including microphone stands and wind shields).

We use only the best brands, including Australian Monitor, Community, Xilica, Denon and Sennheiser. Whatever your audio requirements, Tasman AV will have a product to suit your needs. As our Audio Product range is so extensive, please contact Tasman AV for up-to-date product advice, competitive quotations, sales and professional service and support. We invite you to contact Tasman AV to discuss your Audio Products and answer any queries you may have.

An LED screen is a screen display technology that uses a panel of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source. Currently, a large number of electronic devices, both small and large, use LED screens as an interaction medium between the user and the system. The biggest advantage of the LED screen is its efficient and low-energy consumption. An LED screen consists of a number of LED panels that, in turn, consist of several LEDs. LEDs have numerous advantages over other light-emitting sources that can be used alternatively. Aside from being power efficient, LEDs produce more brilliance and greater light intensity.

Tasman AV Benefits

Audio-visual installation experience since 1979

Comprehensive assessments and reports of existing hardware and infrastructure

Strategies for upgrading equipment to incorporate the latest technology and user-interfaces
On-site service for the life of your audio-visual instalaltion

Personal, face-to-face training so all operators can maximize the use of the equipment

A unbending focus on safety and proper use of the products

Ongoing support for technical questions, queries or further training

Promotes confident use of the technology

Loan equipment, whenever required, to ensure your audio-visual installation is always operational

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