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Our Service and Support

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Our Service and Support

Tasman AV prides itself on offering the most-extensive, trusted and reliable ongoing service, maintenance and support solutions available in the industry today. We employ our own, certified installation technicians (no sub-contractors) to guarantee that your audio-visual installation is always providing your organisation with the performance you expect and demand. Our Business Solution Managers are always on-hand to assist your organisation with the support and advice you need and all our installations are backed by a lifetime installation warranty to ensure your audio-visual investment delivers optimum reward.

Our expert service to you is personalised from first consultation through to installation and delivery, and extends through to training, ongoing service and technical support. We offer comprehensive options to ensure your audio-visual solution remains dependable, robust and always incorporates the best technologies. From first consultation, Tasman AV's focus is to assess and identify your organisation's specific needs, so that we can design and implement an audio-visual solution that isn't just generic, but instead, tailored to maximize your organisation's individual demands. Your dedicated Business Solutions Manager will be with you for the life of the project to ensure you always have access to the information you need about design, technology, service, training and support.

Our Service & Protection Agreements guarantee immediate support and provides your organisation with appropriate loan equipment, where necessary, if your hardware cannot be fixed on site, to ensure your audio-visual solution is always operational. Our experienced and certified techinicians can quickly identify any difficulties or techinical challenges to make certain that any issues are resolved quickly, expertly and professionally.

Comprehensive Ongoing Support, Service & Training

Design & Consultation

Tailored audio-visual solutions to meet your organisation's growing communication, presentation and training demands.

Personalised Training

We provide full, personal training to you and your staff to ensue you are getting the most reward from your audio-visual products.

On-Site Servicing

Our certified and experienced technicians are always on-hand to assist you if any repairs or maintenance is required.

Service Agreements

Individualised Service & Protection Agreements available for all installations to keep your investment operating perfectly.

Our Service & Support Options

Tasman AV is the preferred audio-visual supplier and integrator for some of Australia's most-recognised companies, tertiary establishments and government departments. We provide a vast range of service and support for all our clients, including design & consultation, audio-visual auditing, on-site servicing, personalised training and long-term service agreements.

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Tasman AV builds enduring, professional relationships with all clients to ensure we can identify your organisation's individual requirements and thereupon design and tailor an audio-visual solution focused specifically to achieve the aims and demands of your organisation. Our focus is to maximize the opportunity of your installation by identifying, in consultation with you, how best to design and implement a professional audio-visual solution appropriate to the organisation's infrastructure, strategy, outcome requirements and budget.

If your organisation requires the design and implementation of a brand-new audio-visual solution or needs to assess and update an existing installation or technology, the experienced team at Tasman AV can advise and assist you to identify and focus the requirements, products and techonology necessary to meet your project demands.

Tasman AV can make a professional assesment of your existing audio-visual hardware and design a solution to upgrade your equipment to incorporate the latest technology and user-interfaces. We can identify and report on existing infrastructure, products and upgrade suitability and, in consultation with you, can prepare a strategy for any proposed upgrade or secondary installation. If your organisation requires a brand new audio-visual installation, Tasman AV are the experts in assessing the premises (or structural plans) and designing an audio-visual solution that maximizes the potential of the installation for you and your staff.

With more than 40 years of industry experience, Tasman AV have the expertise and know-how to make a comprehensive assessment of all your audio-visual products and requirements.

We understand that, if something goes wrong with your audio-visual installation, you need it fixed properly, first-time and without delay. Our team of experienced and professional technicians are always ready to assist you and your organisation with any technical or equipment difficulties that may arise. Tasman AV provides uncompromised on-site service and support for the life of your audio-visual installation. We ensure your audio-visual equipment is always providing your organisation with the performance you expect and demand and that any issues are resolved quickly, expertly and professionally.

Tasman AV employs its own, certified technical team. We do not use sub-contractors. Our commitment to in-house personnel guarantess your hardware and equipment are always repaired and maintained by the same people who installed your audio-visual equipment, in the first place.

At Tasman AV we appreciate that not everyone is technology-savvy, especially in a world of ever-changing technologically-advanced audio-visual equipment. We believe that installing the equipment and hardware is only half the job done. Tasman AV prides itself on ensuring that you and your staff have all the tools and knowledge available to you, so that you can maximize the return on your audio-visual investment. We provide personal, face-to-face training for all our installations, so that you and your staff can feel confident in the operation of the hardware and the equipment.

Our experienced operators will guide you and your staff through each step of the safe and proper use of the equipment and provide answers to any techinical questions or queries. Tasman AV will always ensure that you know how to get the best from your audio-visual hardware and products.

Tasman AV understands that issues with technology can sometimes occur. To ensure your audio-visual solution operates exactly as it should, for the life of the installation, Tasman AV offers a comprehensive Service & Protection Agreeement (SAPA). The SAPA is specifically tailored to suit your organisation's commitments and is focussed on the audio-visual products installed, so that you always have the best technical support on hand to assist with any issues that may arise with your installation.

Tasman AV's Service & Protection Agreement guarantees a service response within 48-hours and provides your organisation with appropriate loan equipment, where necessary, if your hardware cannot be fixed on site.

Tasman AV Benefits

More than 40 years of industry experience

Personalised consultation and service

Audio-visual installation experience since 1979

Prompt and on-time service calls

No sub-contractors

On-site service for the life of your audio-visual instalaltion

All issues are resolved quickly, expertly and professionally

Personal, face-to-face training so all operators can maximize the use of the equipment

Promotes confident use of the technology

Service and maintenance for the life of your audio-visual installation

Rapid response to resolve any issues

Loan equipment, whenever required, to ensure your audio-visual installation is always operational
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