Interactive Display Panels

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Interactive Display Panels

The quintessential importance for any organisation is its ability to communicate to its clients, its staff, its participants, its students, its benefactors, its consumers or whomever the organisation’s service and outcomes are focused upon. In an ever-increasing visually-communicative world, Interactive Display Panels play a crucial role in communicating an organisation’s message. Offering a brighter and 4 k resolution image presentations are clearly conveyed.

Interactive Display Panels can be used as a dynamic teaching tool, as an information portal and as a display device. Interactive Display Panels empower colleagues to share ideas, exhibit information and stage engaging audio-visual presentations. They are designed to simply walk up and use, enhancing productivity, promoting faster project completion and colleague collaboration. Above all, Interactive Display Panels offer a vibrant and engaging method to teach, present and communicate your organisation’s most important message.

Interactive Display Panels alter live presentations or annotate documents. The screen gives you the ability to interact with your content using intuitive gestures from both Apple and Windows operating systems, so there is no need to move away from the familiar computer and tablet functions that you know and use every day. Traditional actions such as tap, swipe, slide, pinch and rotate, can be used to get the greatest view of the screen and focus your audience’s attention.

Tasman AV specialises in supplying and integrating smart interactive 4K displays and 4K commercial grade panels to ensure your audio-visual presentation is always of the highest quality in both image and sound. We sell and supply world-leading Interactive Display Panel brands, like Hitachi and Commbox, and can provide full installation and training for all our products. Interactive Display Panels come in a variety of sizes from 60 to 103 inches.

As part of our service, we can also arrange an on-site demonstration for you (Metro Melbourne area only) to ensure you are getting the best product to meet your requirements.

If you or your organisation is considering investment in an Interactive Display Panel, Tasman AV can provide you with up-to-date product advice, competitive quotations, sales and professional service and support. We invite you to contact Tasman AV to discuss your Interactive Display Panel requirements and answer any queries you may have.

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